Sunday, November 3, 2013

Here We Go Again---

Well a year ago I was running double digit miles in a single run. Today I can barely run a mile. My excuse is a good one...probably the best one ever. 7 weeks ago life changed for the better when Carter joined our family. We are thrilled to have joined the parenthood club and a single smile from our little guy make us melt.
As is expected though, new parenthood and pregnancy before that has thrown our usually consistent routine into a bit of a tailspin. We are starting to feel like everything has become much more manageable here in the past couple of weeks so today both Cory and I did our first real workouts. Both of us are going to be sore tomorrow . 

I hope that by writing about the journey back into fitness it will keep me accountable and be a place once again to share triumphs, get encouragement, and vent the inevitable frustrations of "starting over".

Goals for the Short Term
- be intentionally active most days-- with dedicated workouts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
- complete a 5K in December- and try not to compare its time to a pre-baby one
- fuel my efforts with nutritious foods that will help my progress

So here we go once again--- one mile at a time!