Friday, February 20, 2015

To see the world...

This week as I climbed on the treadmill for my last long training run for the Disney Race I started to shuffle through channels on the Tv since running 10 miles meant I had a significant amount of time on the treadmill. After discovering that there is nothing on at 6am on a Saturday. so I figured that I'd watch a movie that I had recorded during our free trial of HBO. When it was out in the theaters I had seen some previews for The Secret Life of Walter Mitty-- and thought I might check it out when it came out to rent. When I pressed play my single greatest hope was that it would entertain me for the course of my run-- it really ending up being a fabulous movie that got me thinking.
The basic premise of the movie is that the title character is a guy who works for LIFE magazine and the magazine is facing layoffs after being taken over as a .com operation. Walter is a guy who has given up on adventure in his real life and his thoughts often drift to these fantastical daydreams of a life of adventure. As the magazine is set to publish its final print issue- Walter is pulled into adventure from his ordinary life when the cover photo that a famous photographer/adventurer has mailed to him goes missing.
I loved the message of the movie because how many of us can relate to the idea of adventure that we often neglect in favor of responsibility. We daydream about what life might be if we went here,or did this, or looked a certain way instead of taking risks and seeking adventure and transforming ourselves into the best person we can possibly be. 
I'll confess-- I am a sucker for responsibility and routine and have often let everyday excuses get in the way of pursuing my goals. The past month and a half has been all about taking risks and trying new things and finding adventure. I'm looking at the world though a filter of possibility instead of one Of obstacles. 
Today I'm on a plane and in the course of the next 48 hours I will have run 19.3 miles using only my own strength,determination, and willpower to do it ( and I'm doing it while wearing wings and a superhero mask). That is an incredible adventure and incredible test of the human spirit and the body's stamina. But if you had asked me about these goals a few years ago I didn't believe I would ever be able to run--- but I sought it out --I looked for adventure. 
Maybe today you have some dream or goal you want to achieve but you are stuck in a daydream hoping for it to happen but not taking action. Make today your adventure. There is no guarantee of success or that the dream won't transform and take a different shape as you pursue it but there is a promise of LIVING life fully and without regret. And you never know.. You might surprise yourself with just how much you accomplish.

Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Still A Mile...

When I started running one of the biggest things I used to get caught up on was thinking that I needed to be faster to be a "real runner". I would talk about how slow I was, I would not want to run with other people because I thought surely I would slow them down. Over time, I have improved. When I first started running my big goal was to be able to run a mile in less than 10 minutes-- and my secret goal was one day run fast enough that my Nike app average pace per mile would be less than 10 minutes per miles.
That being said I often wanted to be faster but I didn't do the things to make me faster as consistently as I should have-- like doing interval workouts, and running hills (ugh hills........I hate them), or feeding my body with food that would fuel it instead of make it have to work harder. As a I got back into running again post-baby I knew I was going to have to deal with being slower because I was out of practice and heavier-- it was almost as bad as starting from the beginning again.
I have run two half marathons since October, and both have been disappointing time wise to me. Last July two of my best friends and I decided to sign up to run the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge ( 10K on Saturday; 1/2 Marathon Sunday). I decided in December/January that I was going all in for this one-- I want to be able to get to the finish line and feel like I KILLED IT. So I've been feeding my body consistently healthy choices, drinking Shakeology that is pumping me full of nutrition dense superfoods first thing everyday, and I have been working out 6 days a week doing PiYo or strength on the days I don't run. I also check-in daily with a group of people who encourage me to keep going, help me brush of the setbacks, and are all working towards living a healthier lifestyle. And you know what---- I AM GOING TO KICK ASS. I feel so strong that I just know I am going to feel like I gave this race my all. I hope that the time will be faster, and I think because of the consistency of workouts and nutrition it will be-- but the benefit of going all in has been the  difference its made in my attitude and confidence. And just like the picture says-- It's still a mile whether I run my fastest race or my slowest. Can't wait to update you all next week!

I 'll be helping lead challenge groups starting next month-- if you're interested in getting accountability for a healthier lifestyle, learning more about shakeology, or trying out new recipes I'd love to chat with you about those goals and how I can help you accomplish them. Don't let where you are right now determine where you stay- a mile is still a mile no matter the pace.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Get in the Arena!

So if you read my last post, you know that I 've started a new journey as a Beachbody coach. I'm starting to wade through everything that means and figuring out how to communicate with people the absolute breath of fresh air this program was for me.  One of the things that we are encouraged to do as coaches is to spend time in personal development each day-- pursuing our business, but mostly building our strengths so that we can help others.

In my search for something to feed my soul, I came across a TED talk by Dr. Brene Brown-- a sassy Texan who researches shame and vulnerability.  I was so enchanted with the TED talk ( and her quantifiable approach to such a fluid topic, that I immediately ordered her book, Daring Greatly and am working my way through it.

I have always been an introvert to the core and am content with small circles of close friends-- it feels safe and comfortable to me. But I think what this book  and my experience with Beachbody is helping me develop in myself is a passion for others and pulling me outside of the small comfortable circle I have created for myself. I mean honestly, introvert or not, you don't survive 8 years in the classroom without loving and wanting to help people. So I'm excited by this new venture-- but the excited where I feel vulnerable too-- what if I fail to reach my goals, what if I'm not great at this, etc. But what I'm learning from participating in the challenge groups and sharing my story with other challengers and by allowing myself to be vulnerable is that life is more full.  Dr. Brown put it beautifully in her talk--- "Vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is courage."

So I'm going forward in this journey courageous-- not to say that there won't be failure or disappointment, but I won't let those things define the path- they'll be bumps in the road, but not the end of the road. I'll be the man in the arena and not the critic in the stands.

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