Monday, April 9, 2012


T minus 6 days and counting and I'm am definitely starting to get nervous and wonder what it is I've signed up for. In one of the marathoning books I've read, it suggests that you write a list of all the different things that make you nervous, scared, TERRIFIED about running the race and then to write down why those fears are ridiculous. It also suggests to write down what makes you excited. So here goes...

Things that make me nervous:

1. I won't be able to finish--
  •  Ridiculous because I have put in the time to train-- so I should be able to finish.
2. PAIN!
  •  A certain amount is expected-- as long as it's not injury pain it's ok!
3. Nutrition-- getting enough of the right kind of nutrition at the right time
  • Ridiculous because I've practiced fueling before and during almost all of my training runs and races to this point--I'll just pack some extra gels.
4.  It's going to be too hot and I'll dehydrate
  • Temps should be between the lows 60s and mid 70s for race time---I'll drink some extra water and there are 13 aid stations to provide me with water.
5. The last 6.2 miles
  • This will be the most challenging part--- but the finish line is at the end of these 6 miles.
6. Hills
  • Can't be worse than Austin or the "mountains" I climbed in Olmos Park a few weekends ago.
7. Neck/Shoulder Problems
  • My neck/Shoulders have been getting ridiculous knots in them the past couple of weeks-- luckily I have a great husband who'll give me massages and a just in case stash of muscle relaxers

Things that make me EXCITED
2.  Putting a 26.2 decal on my car-- don't typically like bumper stickers but might amend my rule for one of these.
3. Pasta party with Dallas friends on Saturday night.
4. Getting to run around White Rock Lake which is apparently pretty great.
5.   Completing a goal and getting to encourage other people to go for their goals-- be it running related or not.
6. Bragging rights-- I'll FOREVER be able to say that I completed a marathon.
7. The Guilt Free Meal after Marathon
8. Figuring out what will be next after crossing the finish line. 

"There will be days you don't think you can run a marathon. There will be a lifetime of knowing you have."
One mile at a time...

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