Sunday, March 25, 2012

Statesman Capitol 10K

Carb-loading for a 10K is different :)
After the 58 miles I ran during Spring Break, this was a welcome week in training. It was definitely hard to get back into the swing of things at school after having a week off, so I gave myself a little pre marathon break in training. (I don't think I'm technically supposed to do that, but I definitely needed it!)

Cory's carbs
We went to Austin to run the Capitol of Texas 10K (largest 10K in Texas) this weekend. Both Cory and I participated this time and it was fun to get to cheer Cory in at the end-- something he has done for me many times. The course was definitely challenging and I can now confirm after running the 3M Half and this race that all roads that lead to the capitol building are UPHILL. I had a pretty decent time of 54.27 with an 8:46 pace. It was hot, but fun. However, the heat definitely has me concerned about the marathon in a few weeks. ( I'll start praying for a cold front now.)

Here's a few pictures of the weekend.
Lining up

Matching bibs---almost!
Friends at the end!

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