Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Still A Mile...

When I started running one of the biggest things I used to get caught up on was thinking that I needed to be faster to be a "real runner". I would talk about how slow I was, I would not want to run with other people because I thought surely I would slow them down. Over time, I have improved. When I first started running my big goal was to be able to run a mile in less than 10 minutes-- and my secret goal was one day run fast enough that my Nike app average pace per mile would be less than 10 minutes per miles.
That being said I often wanted to be faster but I didn't do the things to make me faster as consistently as I should have-- like doing interval workouts, and running hills (ugh hills........I hate them), or feeding my body with food that would fuel it instead of make it have to work harder. As a I got back into running again post-baby I knew I was going to have to deal with being slower because I was out of practice and heavier-- it was almost as bad as starting from the beginning again.
I have run two half marathons since October, and both have been disappointing time wise to me. Last July two of my best friends and I decided to sign up to run the Disney Princess Glass Slipper Challenge ( 10K on Saturday; 1/2 Marathon Sunday). I decided in December/January that I was going all in for this one-- I want to be able to get to the finish line and feel like I KILLED IT. So I've been feeding my body consistently healthy choices, drinking Shakeology that is pumping me full of nutrition dense superfoods first thing everyday, and I have been working out 6 days a week doing PiYo or strength on the days I don't run. I also check-in daily with a group of people who encourage me to keep going, help me brush of the setbacks, and are all working towards living a healthier lifestyle. And you know what---- I AM GOING TO KICK ASS. I feel so strong that I just know I am going to feel like I gave this race my all. I hope that the time will be faster, and I think because of the consistency of workouts and nutrition it will be-- but the benefit of going all in has been the  difference its made in my attitude and confidence. And just like the picture says-- It's still a mile whether I run my fastest race or my slowest. Can't wait to update you all next week!

I 'll be helping lead challenge groups starting next month-- if you're interested in getting accountability for a healthier lifestyle, learning more about shakeology, or trying out new recipes I'd love to chat with you about those goals and how I can help you accomplish them. Don't let where you are right now determine where you stay- a mile is still a mile no matter the pace.
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